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What is Bulk Deal and Block Deal on BSE & NSE?

Trades of a large no. of shares or high value of shares conducted on BSE/NSE are categorised as Bulk Deals/ Block Deals. These trades are different from the normal trades… Read More


Yes Bank grows more than 2800% in 7 years, launches New Website

Rs. 3.6 Lakhs invested in shares of Yes Bank in 2009 is worth more than 1 Crores in 2016. This is the staggering growth which Yes Bank has seen in… Read More

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5 Things to know about No Claim Bonus on Car Insurance

If you have a Car, you would certainly be having a Car Insurance from one Insurance provider or another. Car Insurance Premium is paid annually and in case of any… Read More


How to open NPS Account Online in 30 Minutes?

NPS Account is a social security scheme introduced by the Govt aimed at providing a steady stream of income post retirement. This helps in retirement planning and is a very… Read More


Should I apply for Pre-approved Home Loan or apply after finalising Property?

I met my friend Vinit over the weekend and we were discussing about the status of his new home which he had recently purchased. He intends to finance a small… Read More

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How to check the Amt invested in any startup (even if undisclosed)

Have you ever heard about the undisclosed amounts being invested in companies at undisclosed valuations, or are you inquisitive enough to study the financials of any corporate entity. Next time… Read More


5 things to check before purchasing property from NRI

There are several NRI’s who own Ancestral properties in India or have purchased real estate in India from own funds. With the govt allowing the automatic rule for Investment in… Read More

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Tax on Sale of Agricultural Land & Section 54B Exemption

Agricultural Land is a land on which agricultural activities are carried out. This article focuses on the tax which would be levied on the capital gains arising on the sale… Read More


Affordable Housing: Reality or just a Utopia?

Ever since the Modi government announced the ‘Housing for All by 2022’ mission, affordable housing has managed to grab eyeballs from the industry stakeholders. With global economic meltdown, it won’t… Read More


Guide to Non-Residents Property Investment in India

Indian property market has always been lucrative for non-residents. However, there are certain norms and restrictions that these individuals need to follow. Non-residents could be broadly classified into: Non-Resident Indian… Read More

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