GST Rate Cuts : How is it going to help small businesses

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TDS and GST on Advertisement through Google Adwords

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TDS on Contractor

Comprehensive Guide on TDS on GST @ 2% (with Examples)

TDS @ 2% is required to be deducted on payment made to the supplier of taxable goods or services of both where the value of such supply under a contract… Read more


The new classification of MSME on the basis of Turnover

The classification of MSME for both goods and services organisation is done on the basis of the turnover and is as follows:- Classification Turnover Micro Enterprise Upto Rs. 5 Crores… Read more

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Claiming Benefits of GST paid on Business expenses (Simplified)

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How to apply for IEC code for Import and Export of goods?

An IEC Code is a 10-digit code Importer Exporter Code, issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), which is mandatory for every organisation who does or intends to… Read more

All about GST Compensation Cess

GST Compensation Cess is an additional cess levied on certain notified goods in addition to GST applicable on it. GST Compensation Cess also known as GST Cess was introduced to… Read more

GST e-Way Bill: Validity, Applicability, Rules & Procedure

E-Way Bill is an electronically generated document which is required to be generated for the movement of goods of more Rs. 50,000 from one place to another anywhere in India… Read more

Submit LUT for Exports without payment of GST (Updated)

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E-Way bill GST implementation: Are the businesses prepared for GST E-Way Bill?

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Form GSTR-3B of GST – Boon or Curse?

Form GSTR-3B is a summary return inserted by Government in lieu of Form – GSTR-3. This Form was introduced as stop-gap arrangement to collect tax from the taxpayer. As all… Read more

GST on Ads @18% on Digital Media & @5% on Print Media

GST on Ads is levied at the following rates Digital Media – 18% Print Media – 5% GST on Ads on Mobile, Website, Apps etc GST on Ads on Mobile… Read more

GST on Rent @ 18% (Explaining all Practical Scenarios)

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GST on Reimbursement / Pure Agent in GST (explained with examples)

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