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post-Tax Saving Fixed Deposit: Should you opt for it?
Tax Saving Fixed Deposit: Should you opt for it?

To give a boost to the declining interest in fixed deposits of retail investors, the Finance Ministry in the year 2006 announced that all Fixed Deposits with a maturity of not less than 5 years shall be eligible for deduction...

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Section 80C: Deduction for Children School/Education Fee

To promote education in India, the govt allows for Income Tax Deduction under Section 80C & Section 80E. Deduction under Section 80C is allowed for payments made by self and deduction under Section 80E is allowed for Loan taken for...

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PPF Account and PPF Interest Rate @ 7.6%

We all have heard a lot about PPF Account and seen our parents make investment but what is PPF Interest Rate in India and what are the benefits of investing in this form of Instrument? This is one question which...

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