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How to create HUF Capital and put Money in HUF Account?

In our exclusive coverage of HUF’s, we have previously explained How HUF’s help in saving taxes and how to create a HUF and in this article we would be focussing on How to create HUF Capital by putting money in...

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How to start HUF & create HUF Deed?

In our previous article, we focussed on how a HUF can be used to save taxes legally and we have received a tremendous response for the same from our readers who have also requested for an article on How to...

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post-Save Tax by forming HUF: Benefits & Drawbacks
Save Tax by forming HUF: Benefits & Drawbacks

A very effective and legal way advised by chartered accountants to save tax is HUF i.e. Hindu Undivided Family. In India there are many families which are undivided and the incomes earned by such families are joint income as compared...

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