Online Stock Trading in India started around 15-20 years back but in the last few years has picked rapid pace. More and more people prefer to do online share trading through app/ website as compared to going through the traditional route i.e. through their nearby sub-brokers.

Almost all good brokers now have their online presence and offer the functionality of online stock trading. However, not all brokers are technologically advanced as a result of which they offer only limited functionalities.

In this fast paced world, most of investors prefer a one-stop shop for all their investment needs and prefer to open a demat account through which they can manage their complete portfolio and invest money in any asset class across the globe. But, very few stock brokers offer a complete basket of services through their demat account online and one such broker who offers these functionalities is MotilalOswal.

MotilalOswal recently revamped its website as well as Investor pp which is very easy to use and offers a wide array of comprehensive services. Some of the key features of the new and upgraded MotilalOswal’s Online Demat Account and Investor App are discussed below.

Key Features and Products of MotilalOswal’sInvestor App and web portal

1. Simplified Investment Process
Investing/ Trading in Stocks is very easy with the new layout of the web and the app interface. Rather than going through multiple pages and multiple clicks, stocks can now be bought and sold at the click of a button which makes the whole process very smooth and quick.

2. Quick Mutual Fund SIP
Investors can easily initiate, continue and stop SIP’s easily through the new portal. SIP Mandates can also be easily created through Net Banking/ Debit Card as facilitated by the mapped bank.

3. Theme based and Customised MF Portfolios
There are thousands of mutual funds schemes which lead to a lot of confusion among investors as to which scheme to invest in. To help investors decide which schemes are best suited for them, MotilalOswal’s Investor App recommends portfolio’s based on their investment style i.e. Aggressive, Balanced and Conservative.

4. Stock SIP
Just like we do SIP in MF’s, SIP’s can also be done in Stocks. For eg: If you think that Reliance is a good investment and you wish to invest some money in Reliance every month, you can initiate the Stock SIP in Reliance wherein month would be invested in Reliance shares every month.

It works in the same manner as a mutual fund SIP except for the fact that in MF SIP, you invest money in that mutual fund portfolio and in Stock SIP you invest money in the stock of your preference.

5. Invest in Intelligent Advisory Portfolio
The new and upgraded MotilalOswal’s Investor App also offers the option of investing in pre-packed robo Powered Equity Portfolios which also offer real time portfolio balancing. Some of the products in this category include FundTech, LargeCap, Small Cap, Industry Changes, MidCap& Small Cap, Banking Service Top 500, India Consumption Top 500.

6. Invest in Model Portfolios
The new platform also offers the functionalities of investing in model portfolios consisting of high growth potential stocks. The portfolio comprises of healthy companies and only dividend paying stocks are selected in this portfolio.

7. Invest in US Equities
MotilalOswal’s Investor App offers the functionality of investing in global markets with over 3,500 US Stocks and ETF’s through 100% digital process. No minimum investment is required for initiating this and an investor can buy/sell fractional shares of stocks as well like Amazon, Apple etc. The process for transferring funds in US Dollars is also very streamlined.

MotilalOswal also helps investors and traders understand how stock market functions, how stock prices change and how investors/traders can make money from such movements. To help investors and traders understand this, they have built a free video library which offers a series of educational videos on financial markets with in-depth coverage and illustrations for beginner, intermediate and expert investors and traders.

9. Customisable Multi Asset Watchlist
Customizable & Multi AssetWatchlist helps you to store and trackyour favourite stocks / contracts in yourpersonalized watchlist for quickinvestment decisions. The research recommendations from the in-house experts are also visible directly from the watchlist.

10. Enhanced Get Quote Page
The get quote page also displays the fundamental indicators for quick investment decisions like Key Indicators, Financials, Ratios – Financial & Turnover, News, Peer Comparison, Corporate Action, Research Report, MF Holdings etc.

11. Quick Order Execution
Quick Order Execution enables you to trade orders easily and independently with a single click. This also helps users to immediately grab the trading opportunity of any desired stock/contracts. With this robust order execution system, user can immediately act upon market volatility/ uncertain events across economy.

12. Swift Investment in IPO with UPI
An investor can invest in IPO at ease with the help of the Investor App, wherein user can place multiple bids from a single order form. Also using UPI, user can now block the funds of order placed by just mentioning the UPI Id. Payment acceptance to be done through the UPI enabled app.

13. Live Market Updates
Investors and Traders can get real time info on Indian indices like Gainers/ Losers, Active by Volume & Value, 52 Week High-Low, Day’s High & Low, Only Buyers & Sellers etc.