In this era of increasing competition and globalization  professionalism is the need of the hour. Whether it is Engineering/Doctor/Accountants or any other field – a simple graduate degree won’t lead you anywhere and a professional certification is what is required for you to enter the league of the High-Level Managers.

The CertifiedInternal Auditor Program conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors – USA is one such program which helps you gain a professional degree in the field of Internal Audit. The Course is a mix of theoretical and practical training and has been structured in such a way that the skills of the candidate gets enriched with theoretical knowledge as well as business tools that can be applied immediately in any business environment.

The following Video explains the Role of an Internal Auditor

Rising governance issues and increasing corporate frauds has also led to a surge in demand for talent in the internal audit departments of various audit firms and companies.

CIA Exam

This CIA Certification can be obtained by candidates by appearing for the online exams at any of the 500 Centres of CIA. Unlike CPA (US), Candidates are not required to specifically go to USA to appear for CIA Exams. They can appear for these exams from their home country itself. The CIA exam centers are located in almost all the countries across the globe.

CIA exam is an online exam and the candidate can appear for the CIA Exam anytime during the year – at a date and time that is convenient to the candidate.

To help Candidates interact with other Candidates, the Institute of Internal Auditors has also created a CIA Linkedin Group wherein candidates can interact with each other.

Certified Internal Auditor Eligibility

The following is the eligibility requirement for pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor Course:-

  1. CIA Exam Candidates must hold a bachelors degree or its education equivalent from an accredited college level institution
  2. Certain International Professional Designations (such as Chartered Accountant) may be accepted as Equivalent.
  3. Full Time University Students who are in their senior (final)  year may enter the CIA Program and sit for CIA Exam

Once a candidate has enrolled himself for the CIA Program, he shall complete the same within a time span of 4 years. If the candidate fails to clear within 4 years, all his fees and modules cleared would be forfeited.

CIA Course

The CIA Course is divided into 3 Parts (Applicable from 2013 onwards)

  1. Part I – Internal Audit Basics (2.5 hours, 125 Questions)
  2. Part II – Internal Audit Practice (2 hours, 100 Questions)
  3. Part III – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (2 hours, 100 Questions)

CIA Exam Candidates must also obtain a minimum of 24 Months of Internal Audit Experience. A Masters degree can substitute for 12 of the required 24 months. Please refer to the Certification Candidate Handbook for more details.

This Work Experience requirement may even be fulfilled after appearing for the CIA Exam but the Certified Internal Auditor Certification would only be awarded only once all the program requirements have been met.

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