What is Service Tax Number


Service Tax Number is a unique 15 digit number which is allotted to the assessee at the time of filing an application for registration for Service Tax.  Just like PAN Card No is required for payment and filing of Income Tax Returns, similarly service tax number is required for payment and filing of Service Tax Returns.

It is mandatory for all service providers to apply for service tax no. in case the value of services provided by them during a financial year exceeds Rs. 9 Lakh. In case, the value of services does not exceed Rs 9 Lakh, registering for a service tax no is optional.

If the value of services provided or expected to be provided during the year is less than 9 Lakhs, the service provider may or may not apply for service tax registration. It is at the discretion of the service provider regarding whether he intends to apply for service tax registration or not.

Service Tax Number is usually issued within 7 days of filing application for registration and the application for registration for Service Tax can also be filed online.

Format of Service Tax Number

Service Tax Number is a PAN based number i.e. to say that it is based on the PAN No. of the applicant. It is a 15 digit number and format of the same is as follows:-

1st Ten Digits: PAN No. of the Assessee
11th & 12th Digits: Service Tax Code (It is either ST or SD)
13th, 14th & 15th Digit: Serial No. for Service Tax No. allotted for a PAN Card. If you have applied for registration of only one premise it would be 001, For registration of 2nd premise it would be 002

Service Tax Number Reverse Look-up

On the basis of the service tax number of an assessee, you can check all details like the name of the entity, registered address of the entity, location code, commissionerate code, division code, range code etc.

To view these details, enter the service tax number for which the details are sought in the following box

Payment of Service Tax and Filing Service Tax Returns

Service Tax is required to be paid on a monthly/quarterly basis whereas the Service Tax Returns are filed twice every year on a half yearly basis.

If an assessee has a service tax number but his service tax liability if Nil, he would still be required to file service tax return. Filing Service Tax Return is mandatory for all assessses who have a service tax number irrespective of their annual turnover.

Surrender of Service Tax Number

In case an assessee wants to surrender his service tax number, he can file an application for the same online. Log in to your account on www.aces.gov.in and then click Reg> Surreender


Procedure to apply for Service Tax Number

A person can either apply for the Service Tax Registration Number himself or engage a professional to apply for Service Tax Number on his behalf. If a person intends to apply for Service Tax Number himself – he can follow the steps mentioned on this link and apply for the Registration himself – Procedure to apply for Service Tax No.

Alternatively, you can also engage a professional who will ensure that all documents are complete in all respect and all details in the form have been furnished correctly. You can also get in touch with us and we’ll help you apply for a service tax registration number. You can furnish your contact details here and our representative will get in touch with you and do the whole process on your behalf at a very nominal cost – Engage a professional for Service Tax Registration

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