post-Tax Saving Fixed Deposit: Should you opt for it?
Tax Saving Fixed Deposit: Should you opt for it?

To give a boost to the declining interest in fixed deposits of retail investors, the Finance Ministry in the year 2006 announced that all Fixed Deposits with a maturity of not less than 5 years shall be eligible for deduction...

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post-Points to consider before opting for a Term Insurance Plan during Covid-19
Points to consider before opting for a Term Insurance Plan during Covid-19

An insurance policy is more than an investment for an individual. It is a symbol of assurance for the family of the individual that they would be well taken care of in the unfortunate event of an individual’s death. And...

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post-All about Demat Accounts in India
All about Demat Accounts in India

A Demat account stands for Dematerialisation Account and is a digital account wherein financial investments like Equity Shares, ETF’s, Bonds, Debt Securities, Bonds etc can be held in Digital Format. If a person purchases any of these financial investments –...

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post-All about Critical Illness Insurance
All about Critical Illness Insurance

Certain diseases like Cancer, Paralysis are so fatal that no cure have been found for them till date and therefore they remain for a lifetime. Such diseases not only lead to steep medical expenses but also lead to loss of...

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Importance of Life Insurance during COVID-19

Covid 19 has spread like a wild-fire across the globe and with no vaccine currently available, the future looks highly uncertain. More than 6 Million people have already been impacted by COVID 19 across the globe in the past few...

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Tax Benefit on Home Loan: Section 24, 80EEA & 80C

The repayment of Home Loan comprises of 2 components i.e. Repayment of Principal and Repayment of Interest. As the repayment comprises of 2 different components, the tax benefit on home loan is governed by different sections of the Income Tax Act...

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post-NRI TDS Certificate – Should NRI opt for it? (Practical Analysis)
NRI TDS Certificate – Should NRI opt for it? (Practical Analysis)

Whenever an NRI receives any payment, TDS is required to be deducted on such payments. The person who is making the payment to the NRI deducts some amount (technically called as TDS) and makes the balance payment to the NRI....

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5 advantages of a home loan EMI calculator

Owning a home is one of the most appreciated marks of success in this world, and a home also provides security to the owner. But with the rising prices of real estate, purchasing a house in a single payment can...

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4 factors that affect home loan interest rates

A home loan is a loan product which is provided by a financial institution to the individuals who want to purchase a home, but they do not have the finances for carrying out the purchase of a home. In a...

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How to calculate your car insurance premium in 5 easy steps

When you buy a car you must remember to insure it. But most people make the mistake of purchasing insurance based on recommendations made by their car dealer. Car manufacturers are typically affiliated with certain insurance providers and receive commission...

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