This is a Guest Post by CA Saurik Ginoria and can be contacted at [email protected]


Hello Everyone

I’m Saurik Ginoria and I’ve done my CA Industrial Training at Tata Teleservices Limited, Kolkata. Even though I was not from the Big 4 but preparing myself for the Interview helped me to crack two rounds of Interview conducted by Finance Manager and CFH. What is most important while going through interview rounds of Industrial Training is that you should be well aware of the Company, its Financials, Type of Industry in which it is working, its Competitors, Major Revenues & Costs. These details would certainly help you clear the interview as a few questions are always asked on the same.

My CA Industrial Training Experience at TATA Teleservices

I was in Finance team of Kolkata Circle where I was entrusted with assisting of Monthly Flash (Profit & Loss A/c) and major Vendor and Bank Reconciliation.

I believe that after completing Chartered Accountancy Course, if someone wants to join the Industry rather than opting for Audits, the experience gained during Industrial Training would be a great boon. CA Industrial Training with a good Company will help you to learn SAP (System Acquistion Product), the software which is being used by every major MNC. So when you join as Assistant Manager or Trainee with any Conglomerate, you won’t feel lost and out of the world.

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I am not saying if you have not done Industrial Training you will face severe crunching situations but your life at initial stages of your career will be smooth and you don’t have to start from basics if you’ve the experience of Industrial Training. Right now I am working with PEPSICO and I’ve been growing faster than my peers as I had a good Industrial Training Experience at Tata.

Clearing Chartered Accountancy is much easy in comparison to life after CA. (I know many of you would be thinking otherwise but frankly speaking a managing a high paying job in a MNC is a tough task). You are being entrusted with hell lots of responsibilities and that’s why companies pay you big bucks. And that’s the ground reality.

Life after CA is over and above Tally.

Importance of Computer Skills

Another important thing is that irrespective how good we may be in academics; most of us are not good enough on your fingers while working on computers which may turn out to be a very embarrassing moment.

No, I’m not talking about using Facebook and Twitter, I’m talking about Excel and PPT (I know you are professionals when it comes to Facebook and Twitter)….

The Industry is all about Excel and PPT. You have to be very good and spot on in Excel. There are many formulae and functions like V lookup, H lookup, Pivot table etc which we all may not even be aware of. But these things are a part and parcel of any job. So it’s always good to have knowledge about these things.

Doing CA Industrial Training at Tata Teleservices indeed helped me a lot in this issue and my efficiency before and after Training in Excel and PPT is incomparable. All Companies have monthly, quarterly closing etc and it is all about Excels as all data and figures are being displayed through Excel.

When you will learn Excel in practical base, trust me guys you will just love the depth and intelligence of software. It’s among the top 5 software used in Companies. And this speaks for itself.

I know many of you won’t go with my opinion but what I have realized during my CA Industrial Training (tough it may varies Industry to Industry) that you apply only 10% of your theoretical knowledge in your work. Rest is all your smartness, wit and your Articleship base. How you tackle a particular situation depends on your capability and grooming.

I have passed out in Nov 2010 so I feel myself one of amongst you only.