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Rules for NRI investment in India in Real Estate

NRI Community is one of the richest communities of expats in the World. The presence of NRI’s is omnipresent across the globe and they have also been able to garner… Read more


Senior Citizen Saving Scheme: Benefits & Interest @ 8.6%

The Indian Govt is very friendly to senior citizens in financial matters and not only gives benefit of higher tax slabs to senior citizens but also gives them extra interest… Read more


What is a Current Account and How to open it in a Bank?

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Tax Free Bonds: Should you be investing in them?

In India there are 2 types of bonds through which the tax liability of a person can be reduced:- Tax Free Bonds Capital Gain Bonds Tax Free Bonds are the… Read more


National Savings Certificate (NSC): Interest Rate & Tax Benefits

National Savings Certificate (NSC), Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Kisan Vikas Patra(KVP) are the most popular fixed income earning instruments which can be opened with a Post Office and also help… Read more


What is a Demand Draft & Bank Charges for Creating a DD?

Demand Draft (also known as DD) is a pre-paid negotiable instrument, wherein the Bank by whom the Demand Draft has been made undertakes the responsibility to make full payment whenever… Read more


PPF Account in ICICI Bank – Apply Online

With PPF Account giving a good return of 8.8% p.a., almost all taxpayers invest some portion of their income in PPF as not only is this investment deductible u/s 80C… Read more


PPF Account in SBI : How to open and Transact Online

In today’s world of increasing work pressure and stiff deadlines, many Individuals are not able to plan their taxes well and make use of all the Income Tax Rebates offered… Read more


What is Health Insurance Portability?

A Common Mistake which people usually realise years after committing the same is the Mistake of opting for a wrong Health Insurance Provider. Many people opt for a Health Insurance… Read more


What is Venture Capital & Growth of Venture capital in India

A new private company which does not want to take finance from public markets may have their eyes on venture capital. Venture capital is provided to any business firm by… Read more