IFRS & its applicability in India : Budget 2014

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First Time Adoption of IFRS

How to Calculate Deferred Tax in line with IFRS

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Summary of IFRS 3 – Business Combinations

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Summary of IFRS 2 – Share Based Payments

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America’s IFRS Implementation Plan may change FASB’s Role

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Role of Internal Auditors in Transition to IFRS

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Ind AS – The Indian Desi Version of IFRS

With India deciding to converge with IFRS and not Adopt IFRS, Ind-AS is certainly the way forward for Indian Companies. In simple terms, Convergence with IFRS means that India would… Read more

First Time Adoption of IFRS

IFRS 1 i.e. First Time Adoption of IFRS is the guidance that is applied during the preparation of a company’s first time IFRS based statements. IFRS 1 was created to… Read more

Difference between IFRS Conversion and IFRS Adoption

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