Rs. 3.6 Lakhs invested in shares of Yes Bank in 2009 is worth more than 1 Crores in 2016. This is the staggering growth which Yes Bank has seen in the past 7 years. This indeed is one of the fastest growing start-ups in India and its founder – Rana Kapoor has also been previously awarded as the Startup Entreprenuer of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Historical and Current Prices of shares of Yes Bank have been shown in the table below and have been compared with the growth in Sensex:-

DateShare Price of Yes BankSensex Value
9th March 200941.608160
15th July 2016117927836
Increase in Value1137.419676
Percentage Growth2834%241%

Rs. 3.6 Lakhs invested in shares of Yes Bank in 2009 would now have been more than Rs. 1.02 Crores. Moreover, the capital gains arising would also have been tax free as gains arising on the sale of shares held for more than 1 year are exempted from the levy of Capital Gains Tax.

The same amount i.e. Rs. 3.6 Lakhs if invested in Sensex would have grown to Rs. 12.28 Lakhs.  The same amount invested in Fixed Deposits @ 9% would now have become Rs. 6,58,093.

This is the kind of growth Yes Bank has seen in the past few years and continues to grow at the same pace.

Quality Service at Low Cost

Yes Bank has been providing quality service and has been charging its customers fairly low for the same. By offering 6% Interest Rates on Savings Bank Account at a time when all other Banks were offering 4% Interest Rates, it has been able to grow its user base many folds over the past few years.

And by providing its account holders with quality service, it has been able to ensure that its users prefer to deal with Yes Bank as their first preference. Yes Bank is now the 5th largest private sector bank in India and is the only bank which has been awarded with the Greenfield Bank License by RBI in the past 20 years.

Yes Bank intends to double its Market Share in the next 4 years and is further improving all its quality banking offerings. It has a very good offline as well as online presence and it recently also updated its website with the state of art technology which is very simple to access and user friendly.

Newly launched Website of Yes Bank

Yes Bank has recently revamped its website and offers a lot of services through Internet Banking to its users with a click of a button. Yes Bank also recently migrated to the .bank domain platform and can now also be accessed at It is the first bank in India to migrate to the .bank domain platform.

Some of the unique features of this newly revamped website are:-

  1. Interactive Features like Product Finder Tool, Product Comparison Tool, Fixed Deposit Calculators and more thereby resulting in intuitive product discovery.
  2. Personalised user experience based on your last visit, searched product, geography and time of visit.
  3. Upgraded search functionality for faster and accurate results.
  4. Extensive information about product and services of Yes Bank.
  5. Interactive tools allowing website to serve as a platform for product application and service request.
  6. Clutter free design by offering easy customer navigation.
  7. Improvement and launch of certain new features like Wallet, Social Messenger Banking, Yes Tag, Yes Pay, Money Matters, Yes First, Premium Banking, NRI Banking etc.