It is often jokingly said that ‘Where there’s a will, there are relatives’. Jokes apart, it is important to make a will for the very reason that there are relatives, some of whom may be waiting to receive a part of your assets after your death. There may even be unfair demands from some quarters, leading to disputes within the family.

A will is a legal testament that you draft and sign off on, specifying how and when you wish to execute the transfer of your assets and personal belongings.

The document specifies who the beneficiaries of your wealth and assets will be, and the proportion in which they will be distributed amongst the beneficiaries. The will is legally binding on all parties concerned, and its contents must be executed in the manner that you specify.

Making a will clarifies the distribution of wealth and assets so that there are no disputes on the same later. There are innumerable cases reported in the media, of families feuding over properties and assets that have not been legally distributed.

In cases where no will has been made, immediate family and extended family members may be confused about who gets how much share of the assets. Meanwhile, there may be umpteen claims made on the wealth and property by several individuals at once. This can lead to feuds, court cases and a lot of bad blood among family members.

This is why it is important to make a will while you can. Leaving it for later may result in the will not being made at all. Some senior citizens may not be in their right mental frame to make a will correctly.

It is a process that requires much legal consultation with your lawyers, drafting and re-drafting of the will document and listing of every asset that you own. It also mentions the bequests and charities that you wish to make after your demise, and the manner of asset distribution for your surviving dependents.

Make the going easier – make a will online

In recent years, online will writing services have mushroomed in the digital space for individuals to take complete charge of their wills by themselves. However, most of these will writing services leave much to be desired – the drafting may not be done professionally and there may be many loopholes that crafty individuals may try to exploit after your demise.

Instead, it is better to make a will online using professional services by leading insurers like Aviva Life Insurance. Making a will online saves you a lot of money and time that you would normally expend on a lawyer. Leading will writing services from providers use professionally drafted formats sourced from reputed legal experts, so there is no ambiguity of language. Furthermore, the will stands in the court of law since you attest to its contents personally. Also, the will can be written free of cost.

You can make a list of your assets in the format provided by the online will writing service. The format is easy to follow and your will can be created quickly and confidentially.

How to make a will online

1 List your personal and asset details. This is the very first step in making a will online. List down the details asked for: Your full name, date of birth, Father’s name, annual income of the household, etc. You must also include your residential address, email ID and mobile number before moving on the next stage. Please list all correct and latest information to avoid any problems later on.

2 Allocate your beneficiaries. At this stage, you must list down your beneficiaries, including the percentage of the assets that you wish each of them to have. Take your time over this stage – whatever you list down and attest to is irrevocable unless you decide to change the will at a later date.

3 Preview the will and generate a copy. Now that you have filled out all the essential information required in the will, it is time to go over it once again. Take your time to read the document carefully and you may also show it to your spouse for a second opinion. Once you are satisfied that the document is drafted correctly, you may generate a copy of the will.

That’s how easy it is to make a will online. You may appoint a trusted executor for your will – the executor’s role is to ensure that your wishes are carried out as mentioned in the will. It could be a sibling, or one of your children, or even your lawyer.

So make a will online today and you can rest assured that your assets and wealth will be distributed the way you desired, in your absence.