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Income Tax & TDS on Interest on Recurring Deposit (RD)

When you have a lump-sum amount to invest, it is always advisable to invest in Fixed Deposits. But when you don’t have a lump-sum amount to invest, and can save a defined amount from your income every month, Recurring Deposits...

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What are Debt Funds? Debt Fund vs Fixed Deposit?

Debt funds have become very popular in the past few years and many people had started shifting funds from Fixed Deposit to Debt Funds as the tax levied was very levy low on Income from Debt Funds as compared to...

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Computation of Tax on Fixed Deposit (FD)

The interest that is earned on the Fixed Deposit is not tax free but is taxable. The tax on fixed deposit is levied as per the Income Tax Slabs of the person earning the interest. (Recommended Read:- Income Tax Slab Rates)...

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