CA Students are required to undergo 3 years of articleship in a CA Firm as a part of course curriculum. In these 3 years of articleship, the CA Student may:-

  • Pursue all 3 years of articleship in the same CA Firm, or
  • Opt for Secondment of Articleship, or
  • Take transfer to some other CA Firm, or
  • Opt for Industrial Training in a Company

In our previous post, we have already explained the procedure to take a transfer to another CA Firm and also about Industrial Training and in this post, we would be focusing on Secondment of Articleship.

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Secondment of Articleship as per Regulation 54

Regulation 54 of the Chartered Accountants Act gives the CA Students the right to opt for Secondment of Articleship. In simple words, this option gives a right to the CA Student to get registered for articleship under a CA and pursue articleship under some other CA.

This can be explained with the help of the following example. For eg: A CA Student registers with Mr. X for Articleship. Now Mr. X can allow the CA Student to stay registered under his CA Firm but work for Mr. Y. This arrangement if called Secondment of Articleship and ICAI has allowed such an arrangement under Regulation 54.


In the above example, although the CA Student is pursuing articleship under Mr. Y, but is registered under Mr. X.

Rules for Secondment of Articleship

  1. The CA Student is required to intimate ICAI about such an arrangement in the form attached in this link.
  2. The member under whom the article is being seconded shall not be allowed to train more than 2 such articles.
  3. The minimum period of Secondment of Articles as per Regulation 54 of Chartered Accountants Act is 4 months and the maximum period is 12 months.
  4. This option can be exercised by the CA Student at any time during the 3 years and not necessary in the 1st year.
  5. Secondment of Articleship may be pursued either in a CA Firm and/or under a CA in Industry.
  6. In case secondment of articleship is being pursued under a CA in Industry, the total period spent by the article in the Industry including the period of Industrial Training shall not exceed 1 year.