The Jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer i.e. his Income Tax Ward/ Income Tax Circle/ Income Tax Range No/AO Code is required to be stated while filing the Income Tax Return. Furnishing these details in the Income Tax Return is optional and not mandatory.

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What is Income Tax Ward/Circle/Range/AO Code?

There are more than 3 Crore taxpayers in India. And to assess the returns of these taxpayers, there are many Income Tax Officers designated by the Income Tax Department. These Income Tax Officers sit in different offices across India and each officer is designated a specified area and a specified category of taxpayers only. This specified category of taxpayers would fall in the jurisdiction of that specified officer only.

So the Income Tax Ward/ Circle/ Range No./AO Code is the number that has been assigned to the Income Tax Assessing Officer who would be monitoring your Income Tax Return. In case of any discrepancy, they also have the powers to scrutinise your tax returns and demand for extra payment of taxes.

How to Locate the Income Tax Ward/ Circle/Range/ AO Code

The procedure for locate the Income Tax Ward/ Circle/ Range/ AO Code has now been made simple. A person only has to furnish the PAN No. and the Mobile No. on the following link and it will display all details pertaining to the Income Tax Ward, Circle, Range & AO Code:

Alternatively, a person can also locate his AO Code by logging on to his account on the income tax website i.e., the click Profile Settings – My Profile and all details would be displayed.