Have you ever heard about the undisclosed amounts being invested in companies at undisclosed valuations, or are you inquisitive enough to study the financials of any corporate entity. Next time when someone tells you that it is secretive, please let them visit this page. Below is a simple ten step process by which you can have access to most of the financial and secretarial information of any active corporate, which follows good corporate governance norms. The key is that the corporate should file the compliance documents within the stipulated time as per provisions of the Companies Act and hence the e form becomes a Public document which can be accessed.

Corporate are transparent in nature. As per law, all key compliances are to be electronically reported to the ROC, and certain key information enclosed in the forms are Public Documents which can be accessed by all. Anyone registered on MCA portal can login to the MCA database and have access to such information. There are some websites having the revenue model of deriving such information from the database and provide it to the seeker at a premium cost. This is because everything is accessible for a period of three hours from first login and in this time almost all the documents can be downloaded pertaining to the past 2-3 years. MCA charges Rs. 100 for such search and subsequent download of these documents.

Audited financials, Director Details, Shareholding details, Charges, Annual returns, key management resolutions are few of the documents that can be searched from the category list.

Try it out and become the master of information that you are seeking. And if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to write to [email protected] (Website: www.startup-movers.com)

Step –1: Visit the Website www.mca.gov.in

Step-2: You will be redirected to the login home page. Click on new user if not already registered

Step-3: Register as a registered user after filling all basic details

Step-4: Go to Login page again and login to reach to home page

Step-5: Click on view Public Documents. Enter the company or CIN name and press Search

Step-6: Select Company and click on pay

Step-7: Follow the online instructions and pay the fee

Step-8: Go back to Home page and click on my documents Icon

Step- 9: Click on view and get redirected to category list

Step-10: Choose right category and download

About the author:

Sambhav Mehrotra (Mobile: +91-9953095274)

Author is a founder of StartUp Movers, providing low cost assistance services to start-ups right from incorporation to compliance related filings and virtual financial management.