There lies a time in CA students life when he understands that theory is far different from reality, it’s when he undergoes Articleship (Refer Ayush Jain’s article on his Experience of doing Articleship in Big 4) and all through Articleship what is heard from seniors is a concept called General Management and communication skills (GMCS) which is a mandate, which is done after Articleship, conducted by ICAI and is a 15 day dream that they wished never ended. Now, you are like the most jaw struck person on the earth thinking how can something that ICAI offers compulsorily can be so much fun, Ironic.

Now, for me there are two types of definition of GMCS – One, by ICAI and Second by students and members. As per ICAI –

GMCS is 15 Days full time Course on General Management  and Communication Skills and was introduced in the year 2002 to equip the entrants to the profession with interpersonal and management skills and provide exposure to the contemporary issues in the ever changing socio-economic scenario.

As per Students and Members –

15 Day heaven that if you utilized to full advantage can end up being memories to cherish for lifetime.

Students go into GMCS with distinct views, stories heard and aspirations from it but end up coming out with single point view i.e. ‘It was fun’.

GMCS is meant to inculcate in you the best of presentation skills, communication skills, build confidence in you and to a large extent it ends up doing so provided you have it in you to learn all this. It is said you can take Horse to the pond but can’t force him to drink. To gain best out of GMCS, participate as much as you can in sessions, do everything you think possible to overcome your shortcomings and post the two sessions in the day have fun to fullest, follow the phrase – ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’.

It is that time of life where you have no pressure of exams (exams pressure is like attachment to a mail called CA, which reduces your social life to Nil, zero), no tension of classes, no Articleship slogging. In nutshell, the best time to enjoy. GMCS helps you connect to new people quick and fast, some boys even decide the girl they are going to try on in 15 days on the very first day and girls, no need smile you fall in the vice versa basket. Leave no place that you as group didn’t go to, leave no stone unturned to make new friends, build networking and impress the girl/boy.

Make faculties your friends, involve them in your enjoyment plans you will relish more each and every day of 15 day ride. Make outing plans, make plans to have fun during sessions. Let me share an idea, take a sheet and circulate in entire class (with title – What do you think about Today’s Faculty?) such that faculty doesn’t know of it and then after you got all one liners, read all among class and post on Facebook Group of your GMCS Batch and you have memory of lifetime. Invent such more ideas, ask your seniors what they did.

Will conclude by sharing something with you – miss out on anything in these 15 days, even a couple of sessions would do, but don’t miss out on clicking pics as many as you can. The record I know is 900 odd pics in 15 days, some number which you guys can try and beat. As they say, pictures speak much more than words.


This Article has been authored by Bhavnoor Singh Bhatia who was a part of GMCS Batch 313 held in New Delhi