CA Students are expected to exercise reasonable care while furnishing the details in the Exam Form. However, in case of any error which is noted after submission of the Exam Form – ICAI would be opening a correction window wherein students would be allowed to change their centre/group/ medium opted.

This facility is available from May 15 attempt onwards for all students of CPT, Intermediate (IPCC) & CA Final Students.

Procedure to change Centre/Group/Medium for appearing in IPCC/CA Final Exam

After submission of the Exam Form, ICAI will open a window wherein Students would be allowed to change their centre/group/ medium opted for.

The online facility would be available to all students irrespective of whether the original exam form was submitted online or through physical mode. However, the correction window would be an online window and manual applications for changing the Centre/Group/Medium would not be entertained.

The online window for seeking change would be made available at:-

Apart from submitting their request for change, students would also be able to view the status of their request through the above mentioned website.

A candidate while applying for change of Centre/Group/Medium through the online facility as mentioned above, would be required to input the following details, as filled in by him, in his examination application form:-

  • Bar Code No./ Control No. printed on his examination application form
  • PIN (i.e. 4 digit no. of his choice which he had filled in his examination application form); and
  • Registration No.

A change of medium/centre/group may either be done jointly or severally.

On submission of the request, the candidate will get a successful submission confirmation on the screen. However, successful submission of the request does not mean that the request has been approved. It only means that the application has been submitted and status of acceptance/rejection would be confirmed only after processing by ICAI.

The status of application for change of centre/group/medium would be uploaded online by ICAI on the same website.

The online facility for change of particulars would be available in 2 sessions i.e.:-

  1. Free on-line facility (Will open for 1 week and will open after 1 week of the last date of submission of Exam Form)
  2. On-line facility (Will open on 12th April/ 12th Oct for May/Nov Exams respectively)

Free Online Facility for changing Centre/Medium/Group in IPCC/CA Final Exams

The details submitted by a ca student would be hosted online on for ca students to check the details submitted by them. These details would normally be uploaded after 1 week of the last date of submission of the exam form.

This Correction Window for changing the centre/group/medium would be available for 1 week.

This facility is available free of cost and the students would be required to upload the scanned copy of the handwritten/typed application for the change of centre/group/medium opted by him.

Admit Cards would be issued to the candidates who apply through this correction window after taking into account the changes requested by the candidate.

The Admit Cards are usually issued around 10th April/ 10th Oct for May/Nov Exams respectively.

Online Facility for changing particulars after release of Admit Cards

The candidates desirous of seeking a change in the centre/group/medium after closure of the free correction window would be allowed to make changes for the same through this window.

This window would be open from 12th April and 12th October for May and November Exams respectively of CA Final and IPCC. This correction window will open from 25th May/25th Nov for June/December Exams of CPT.

This correction window will close 1 week before the commencement of the exams. The fees for this correction window would be Rs. 1000 (fixed).

If a student opts for change of one particular only – the fees for the same would be Rs. 1000 and if the student opts for change of more than one particular – then also the fees would remain the same i.e. total Rs. 1000 for all the changes. The fees would be required to be paid online through Debit/Credit Card.

Request for change of Centre/Group/Medium received subsequent to the closure of the “Correction with Fee Window” would not be accepted under any circumstances.

No Fresh Admit Cards would be issued to the candidates. If the request of the candidate for change of details is approved by ICAI it would be mentioned in the status option in the ICAI Correction Window.

Candidates would be required to appear in the examination with the admit cards already issued/downloaded from the website and a copy of the approval letter sent to them or printed on the website.

Norms governing the change of Centre/Group/Medium through the “Correction with Fee” window:-

  1. Change of Centre would be permitted subject to administrative exigencies and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
  2. Change of the Exam Centre from one city to another would normally be considered.
  3. Change of Centre from one zone to another zone within the same city shall not be permitted.
  4. Change from one Exam Centre (i.e. school/college) to another examination centre (i.e. school/college) within the same zone in a city will not be permitted.
  5. Change of group would generally be considered.
  6. Change of Medium will be permitted subject to availability of the medium sought at the particular centre (i.e. school/college) where the candidate is originally allotted. If the medium sought is not available at the centre (i.e school/college) where the candidate is initially allotted, the candidate may be shifted to another centre (i.e. school/college) in the same city/zone where the medium sought is available.
  7. ICAI will not be liable in respect of any hardship and/or consequential loss/damages that may be suffered by a candidate in case he applied for the change and the same is not approved by ICAI.
  8. The fees of Rs. 1000 received for change of centre/group/medium will not be refunded, except in those cases where the request cannot be considered for administrative reasons. Refund of such fee of Rs. 1000, if applicable will be made, 15 days after the last date of the examination.

For any further clarifications in this regard, the candidates may write to:-

Final Candidates:                              [email protected]

Intermediate (IPC) Candidates: [email protected]

CPT Candidates:                               [email protected]