As a CA Student, there are many things which irritate us. The following is a list of 15 Questions which irritate a CA Student the most. In case, there is anything else which irritates you, feel free to comment below

1. How many more years left for your CA?
(From last two year my answer has always been – 1 more year)

2. From which College are you doing CA?
(Mr. President, are u listening)

3. From where have you undergone your Articleship?
(Do u Know every Practicing CA….. huh…)

4. When will your Results come?
(You seem to be more excited than me…)

5. How many Attempts?
(Even I can’t recall)

6. What is the current package you are getting as a CA?
(More than a CS But less than Panwala)

7. My distant relative is also doing CA….. Are u both together?
(I can’t even find the name of her who is in my tution …u expect me to find him)

8. From which place r u doing CA?
(Ghar Se)

9.When will u b a CA?
(Its recession…)

10. How many hours do you study?
(After spending the whole day in classes, I hardly get an hour)

11. When will u get a job?
(When I look for a job)

12. When do u go to sleep n get up every day ?
(I wake up and sleep as per my tuition)

13. Future plan after CA?
(My Family shall decide)

14. How are your studies going, Syllabus completed?
(Next ques. Please…)

And last question

15. Beta what is your Age?
(Let me think)

Uncle, Dubara mat puchna…  :p