We all need to take control of our money, but too often – money controls us. This can happen when we have no clear idea of what we want from our life, and no real plan to help us in achieving it. We will help you to realise your personal and financial objectives. By developing a clear financial plan we will provide you with the structure to help you achieve what you really want from your life.

This video will give you clear idea about Financial Planning

All this & more at very affordable fees.

Financial Planning Service

If you decide to work with us, we’ll breakdown your financial planning into two parts – the financial plan and the ongoing advice and monitoring. Let’s start with part one.

  1. Financial Plan

This is the part where we get into all the details of your financial life. Typical stuff like your retirement planning, educational goals for your children, insurance requirement etc. We also talk about the fun stuff, like your desire to build your retirement house in Goa or world tour or climb all the major Himalayan peaks, and how we can help you accomplish these goals. Financially, that is. We can’t actually help you with the climbing part.

When this piece of your financial plan is complete you will have a road map for achieving both your short and long-term goals by maximizing and wisely using the assets you have available to you.

What’s included?

  • A Certified Financial Planner will work on your plan.
  • Start with Data Collection & Risk Profiling
  • 60 minute Data Discussion & Goal Setting Call either via phone or other apps (Skype or Whatsapp)
  • 60-90 minute Rough Plan & Risk Profiling Discussion
  • 60 minutes Final Plan Delivery Meeting to go through the planning recommendations & investment suggestions
  • 60 minute follow-up meeting after 3 months to review progress of Action Plan
  • A Financial Plan with easy to understand recommendations and a concise action checklist.

If you like taking the collaborative approach with your financial planning, and you don’t want to manage your own investments, we can help.

Once we’ve established your plan, we move on to part two, where we work closely with you to put that plan into action.

  1. Ongoing Advice and Monitoring

Life has this crazy way of surprising us in good ways, and sometimes bad ways, too. So a financial plan can’t be looked at as a static document. It’s a guide that’s meant to flex and bend with your circumstances. This is why we don’t just hand you a financial plan and call you next year. We continue to work with you on a regular basis to help you stay on target to achieve your goals. We coach you through adjustments to your plan when the winds change course.

What you can expect when you work with us:

  • Support in the implementation of suggested plan including investments.
  • Ongoing, honest feedback.
  • 60 minute follow-up meeting every three to four months to check your investment &plan progress.
  • Availability of Certified Financial Planner – who you can reach out to via email or whatsapp as your situation changes.
  • Financial Coaching to help building great financial habits that will propel you toward your goals.
  • Continuous tax advice from CA Karan Batra
  • Great service.


Manoj Sharma

“I started with this service about a year back, and have found it to be extremely comprehensive. It starts with documenting your current (financial) state, then looking at your future goals, and developing a detailed plan based on the gaps identified, as well as, the risks one is willing to take. I am glad I opted for this service as the team is highly professional in their approach and guidance. I wish I had done this much earlier!”

Nitin Tripathi

“We have been extremely happy with the guidance provided by the team. They have helped us streamline the products in our financial portfolio. When we started our planner answered all our queries patiently and guided us as to how we should go about with our financial planning. Also you could approach him with your queries and he will answer them to your satisfaction.”

Pricing – Special Offer in 2020

In order to make the process attainable for as many people as possible, we have kept our fees very low.

  • You can avail 40% discount on our regular Fees
  • For first 20 clients in 2020 additional 10% savings

Fees: 14,500 + GST = 17,110 (After Discount Rs 8,555)

You can enroll for the same by providing the info in the form attached below.