Income Tax

Term Insurance vs ULIP – Comparative Analysis with Calculations

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What is a Shell Company?

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TDS on Contractor

Procedure for online correction of Form 26QB for TDS on Property

Form 26QB is a consolidated form which is required to be filed for the deposit of TDS on Property. This form is required to be filed within 30 days from… Read more

Benami Property Act: Practical Analysis in simple words

The amendment in 2016 of the original Benami Act created a sudden storm in the nation bringing about a lot of curiosity in people. A lot of people are worried… Read more

Tax on Sale of Gold in India in 2019

Gold can be held in various forms like Jewellery, Coins, Bars, ETF’s Bonds etc. In this article, we’ll explain the levy of gold on each of these forms. Tax on… Read more


Tax on sale of ULIP’s in India

ULIPS stands for Unit Linked Investment Plans and is an Insurance cum Investment Plan. The Premium paid is invested in Equity, Debt and Money market instruments and the person opting… Read more

Save Tax on Interest by doing FD in Parents name (Mother/ Father)

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Investing in Wife name may NOT help you save Tax: Clubbing of Income

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Section 44AD & 44ADA: Income of Business – 8%, Profession – 50%

To reduce the burden of compliance of small taxpayers, the govt provides for a scheme of Presumptive Taxation which is very easy to understand and comply with. Under the scheme… Read more


Is Income from Shares – Business Income or Capital Gains?

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