The Changing Job Scenario – What can you expect in the Future?


The only thing that is constant in Life is Change. No matter where you are and what you do – change is something that is bound to come.

Infact, the speed at which change is coming is astonishing. And the best part is that the people are even adopting to change and are welcoming change with open hands. The following are some of the changes which have happened in the past few years and people have also adopted to the same:-

  1. Feature Phone has been replaced by Smart Phone
  2. SMS has been replaced by Whatsapp
  3. Normal Taxis have been replaced by Uber and Ola Cabs

There have been many such changes which have happened. Infact, with the changing trends – the kind of job opportunities which are coming up have also changed.

A few years back – who would have imagined that Job Positions like Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, Data Scientist etc would be the kind of jobs which would prevalent in 2017?

The kind of skills which were in huge demand yesterday may not be in demand today and the kind of skills which are in huge demand today may not be in demand tomorrow. Everything is changing and changing at a very fast pace.

Impact of Change

Whenever any major change comes – the whole eco-system is impacted. From Consumers to Businesses and from Employees to Employers – everyone gets impacted. Infact, it is the business owners who get impacted the maximum by any change as change can make their products redundant or can bring them in huge demand. Take the case of Blackberry Phones. For a period of around 3 years – they were in huge demand. But who uses them now?

To ensure that their businesses don’t shut down, these businesses always have to stay ahead of the competition. And to stay ahead of the competition – organisations try to keep a close watch on the current and future trends and adjust themselves accordingly.

These organisations also invite suggestions from their Employees and Customers on what they think would happen in the future. They also reward the people who suggest what they feel could be prevalent in future.

Infact, Axis Bank has also launched a portal wherein it is inviting suggestions from everyone on what changes they foresee in the future.

They are inviting opinions from the public on what the public thinks could be the future and what kind of jobs would be prevalent in future. An amount of Rs. 25 Lakhs would also be awarded to the person whom they think has shared the best suggestion. A person interested in sharing his opinion can post the same on this link before 15th Feb – For more info, kindly visit –

How to prepare yourself for the Future

It is very important for everyone to keep learning new skills to stay abreast with the latest trends. Even after formal learning, a person should keep learning new skills so as to get faster promotions resulting in higher pay packages.

Infact, Kunal Shah (co-founder of Freecharge), recently in a facebook post rightly said that:-


You can’t stop the change from coming but you can certainly embrace yourself for the change. Although it’s a human tendency to resist change – but whosever adapts to change faster than others also grows faster than others.

Karan is CA by Qualification with the rare distinction of being awarded All India Rank 22. He is also the founder of this website and loves to help people with their Tax Queries.