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post-How to avail Max Home Loan Tax Benefit in India in 2022?
How to avail Max Home Loan Tax Benefit in India in 2022?

The maximum benefit of Home Loan which can be claimed as a Deduction in India is as follows:- Section Deduction allowed Allowed for Section 24 Rs. 2,00,000 Interest repayment Section 80C Rs. 1,50,000 Principal repayment Section 80EEA Rs. 1,50,000 Interest...

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Loss from House Property: Income Tax Treatment

Loss from House Property is a fairly popular scenario and commonly arises while filing the Income Tax Return. In this article, we would mainly be focussing on the Reason for Loss from House Property and the Income Tax treatment of the...

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Income from House Property: Deductions allowed

The rent received from any property (whether commercial or residential) is taxable as Income from House Property and deductions are also allowed from such income. The manner of computation of taxable income from house property and deductions allowed from income...

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