Chartered Club which is an Online Information and Knowledge sharing portal and encourages its Readers and Guests to share their knowledge by writing articles which would then be published on

The person who has authored the article is required to upload the same directly on our website. The article would then be reviewed by our editorial team, and would be published after approval.

Due credit would be given to the Authors with their name and photo being published along with the article. The author may also add his personal details like Contact No., Email Id, Firm Name etc. to be published along with the article. In case you have a website, feel free to mention the same and we’ll publish your website address as well (with a back-link) so that readers can easily contact you.

Procedure to upload the Article on the Website

  1. Click on “Submit New Article” in the “Articles Section” on the “Home Page”. This is the direct link for Submitting an Article.
  2. The author would then be required to log-in. (Log-in is mandatory as your user profile would be linked with the article.)
  3. Give an appropriate heading to your Article and submit your Article through the Content Area.
  4. Your Article would be visible after approval and a mail would be sent to you once the article is published.

In case of any queries in uploading the articles, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Guidelines to write Articles

  1. Readers prefer detailed and in-depth articles with proper explanations. It would be great if you could focus on providing updated and in depth information in simple words.
  2. If you are relying on any facts, it would be better if you could just mention the source of these facts (preferably with a website link).
  3. Before submitting the article, do a proof read to ensure that the article is 100% Correct and updated.
  4. We respect the work of others therefore please also ensure that the article submitted has been authored by you and not copy-pasted from some other source.

In case of any other queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]