Finding a Job is the first thing that comes to mind after having celebrated the happiness of having qualified and having attained your Degree. We all wish we get our Dream Job but How many of us are able to find our Dream Job which we always desired and for which we had been working day and night and burning the mid-night oil? The Answer to this Question is that only a selected few get that high paying dream job.

But why is it that only a selected few are able to find their dream job and not the rest? Is it that they are more qualified or is it some other factor?  Well the answer to both these question is that finding a Job is a combination of both – Better Qualification as well as other factors.

You have already attained your Qualification so in this article, we’ll be highlighting the other factors like How efficiently your Resume has been written, How to apply for a Job, References and other Innovative Ways which will help you find a Job

How to prepare a Resume

A Resume is a Formal Document which briefly highlights the Qualifications and Achievements of a Candidate. The first thing that the person screening your profile reviews is your Resume and you would be getting an Interview Call based on your Resume itself.

The importance of having a good and presentable Resume is highly relevant for finding a Job and you should take utmost care while preparing your Resume. For preparing an effective Resume, you can refer this article on How to prepare a Professional Resume

How to apply for a Job

Now that you have prepared your Resume, the next step in finding a Job is to start applying for Companies. All Companies have a Career Section on their website and you can directly go and upload your Resume on their Website. But, irrespective of how good your Resume may be, you would only be getting a call in case they have a vacancy. If they don’t have any vacancy, they won’t be calling you nor would be intimating you about the status of your Application.

Thus, finding a Job in a company may become cumbersome as you never know which Company may be having a Vacancy at what time. However, to help interested candidates in finding a Job, there are several job portals which regularly update the vacancies that may arise in any Company. These Job Portals not only have Domestic Vacancies but also International Vacancies and contain all details regarding the Job Profile, Job Location, Pay Package etc.

There are several Job Portals which host the Job Vacancies and it is highly advisable to sign up for Job Portals as different companies prefer to use different Job Portals and the Vacancy which may be visible on one Job Portal may not be visible on some other Job Portals.

The best part about these Job Portals is that they not only host all the Vacancies but are also free to use by the Job Applicant. A Job Applicant only has to sign up and upload his Resume and this uploaded Resume would now be visible to all Companies and Job Consultants.

 The list of best performing Job Portals in India has been shared below for your ready reference


Finding a Job through Reference

Do Companies consider the References when Recruiting Candidates – Yes they do. If you are applying for a job in a company, the company officials do check the references that you have stated and this is also an important factor which determines whether you get an Interview call or not.

Giving preference to Candidates applying for a Job may not be considered justified but the truth is that the HR Recruiters do give you preference if you have applied for a Job through an employee of that organisation itself. Even the Job Position of the person you have applied through is also a factor that determines whether you get an Interview Call or not.

Thus, it is highly advisable that you start hunting for references and try sending your Resume through these references in case you are applying directly to the Company for a Job Opening.

Innovative Ways to find a Job

Another trend which has started catching up and is gaining momentum is the trend of finding a Job through LinkedIn. You may have heard of Linked, but – have you joined LinkedIn or is your profile updated on LinkedIn? The Probable answer for Candidates finding a Job for the first time would be NO.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which are personal networking sites, LinkedIn is a professional Networking Website which helps users connect to each other professionally. The trend of recruiting Candidates through LinkedIn started from the US and has started gaining popularity in India as well. Many Job Recruiters prefer to recruit through LinkedIn as well as LinkedIn displays an easy snapshot of the Achievements and the Qualifications of an Individual.

These are some of the most effective ways of finding a Job and we hope you are able to find your Dream Job by applying these methods and registering to the Job Portals.