Well, of course… Who doesn’t want to save more Tax?

But, the Real Question is – How do you save more Tax?

There are an almost unlimited number of different marketing tactics and strategies, so where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

Lets look at the Income Tax Act for example. There are more than 2700 Sections, sub-sections and Clauses in the Income Tax Act. How do you know which ones are applicable to you?

In the above case – we have only considered the Income Tax Act. Apart from the Income Tax Act, there may be other taxes applicable to you as well like Service Tax, VAT, Customs, Excise and the upcoming GST.

It gets extremely difficult for a small business owner to understand so many tax laws and that is the reason why smart and fast growing business owners always engage a team of tax experts to guide them and hand-hold them at every step.

Such smart business owners only focus on getting more business for their organisation and leave the tax aspect to experts like me.

And I have got so good at saving taxes that I get more than 5500+ requests every month from people asking me to help them save taxes for their business.

I wont be able to provide my personalised services to all of them as I only have 24 hours in a day. And my focus is also not on quantity but on providing quality services.

And therefore, I’ll have to filter these requests. I wish to help all type of business owners and therefore, I haven’t put any selection criteria. I would be selecting 10 people every month on a lucky draw basis to whom me and my team would be providing our services.

If you wish to enroll for our services, I request you to kindly share the following details and somebody from my team (or maybe, I myself) will get in touch with you to understand more about your business.