HR Services

To help Companies recruit for the right talent for the right Job, Chartered Club provides HR Consultancy Services to Companies and helps them recruit Skilled Employees from our vast pool of members.

With increasing emphasis being laid on Human Resource Accounting, we realise the value of Human Resources and ensure that the Company’s are able to recruit the best talent from the Industry. We act as a Gateway for the Company’s to interact with our Members and thereby helping them both in fulfilling their needs.

Why should you choose Chartered Club?

Chartered Club is an online community with a huge presence on all major Social Networking Platforms. Our Members are not limited to any limited geographical area but are rather spread across India. (

We ourselves are a group of Chartered Accountants and therefore very deeply understand the needs of the Company when it comes to recruitments of Chartered Accountants and other related fields. Moreover, we specialise in helping Companies recruit candidates from Social Networking Sites and are therefore being preferred by Companies over other HR Consultants.

Contact Us

If your Company is looking for Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries or Cost Accountants, you can send us your requirements at [email protected] and we’ll help you recruit the right candidate for your esteemed organisation.