Chartered Club New Features 3.0

Chartered Club recently upgraded its website and launched new features with a better user interface to enhance the overall user experience.

This upgraded version of our website is being termed as Chartered Club 3.0

New Features which have been recently introduced are as follows:-

  1. Interviews Section wherein we would be interviewing eminent personalities in the CA Profession
  2. Media Gallery wherein users can shares images relating to the CA Profession
  3. Empanelments Section wherein all empanelment opportunities for CA’s would be listed.

Share your Suggestions

Chartered Club which is an online community of CA’s and CA Students is a platform wherein members can interact with each other. The sole objective of is to ensure that members can interact with each other freely and easily.

As this is an online community of CA’s and CA Students, we accept suggestions throughout the year from our members with respect to the improvements they would like to see on

Feel free to share your honest opinions and improvements suggestions for and we’ll try our best to live up to your suggestions.

And if your suggestions are accepted, you also win a goodie bag from our side.

Please take some time out to share your useful suggestions with us in the form attached below.


Karan Batra

Founder – Chartered Club

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